Archive | January 16, 2009

The Best Laid Plans…

Sometimes things don’t work out like you planned. Sometimes they change for the better.

I just found out today that due to a miscommunication between some of the parties involved in scheduling a CHA seminar that I was scheduled to be a speaker at CHA without actually being informed of the honor. What a whoops!

So thanks to Corel, I (and thus Scrapbook Update) am headed to Anaheim after all, to take part in a seminar on hybrid scrapbooking for retailers:

The Best of Both Worlds: A Step by Step Guide to Introduce Hybrid Scrapbooking in Your Store
Business Seminar S118
Speakers: Robert MacDonald, Nancy Nally [and Rebecca Saylor]
Room 205AB

While traditional scrapbooking continues to be a strong industry, digital scrapbooking – the creation of entirely digital scrapbook pages – is growing increasingly popular. For retailers looking to expand their business, digital scrapbooking offers new revenue opportunities while offering scrapbookers a way to better manage the costs associated with this creative outlet. In this presentation, Corel’s Rob MacDonald, Scrapbook Update editor Nancy Nally and a ScrapBlog spokesperson [Rebecca Saylor] will discuss how retailers can effectively bridge the gap between traditional and digital scrapbooking to grow their businesses – and provide tips to those looking to experiment with digital scrapbooking
in a fun and easy way.

Attendees will learn:

• How to take elements of the best of digital scrapbooking – including creating your own embellishments and paper – and bring it to traditional scrapbooks
• The benefits of adopting digital scrapbooking now – for both retailers and scrapbookers – and how to easily make the transition
• How to interest your most skeptical customers in taking advantage of what’s available
• Why digital scrapbooking is catching on…and why it won’t go away

A big thanks to everyone who offered to fill Scrapbook Update in remotely from Anaheim, but now instead of hearing from you all via email, I hope to meet as many of you as possible in person!

Watch this space tomorrow for more on Scrapbook Update’s CHA coverage plans…