Store Owners: Turn on QVC Today for Marketing Help!

Today is one of QVC‘s big “PaperCrafting Fair” days, featuring appearances by Lisa Bearnson and other CK Media personalities along with Anna Griffin. If you are involved in selling scrapbook and papercrafting products, you need to know about what is happening on QVC today.

Retailers and manufacturers need to be informed about what their competition is doing. QVC is competition for local scrapbook stores in the same way that big-box craft stores are. Manufacturers also need to know what is being sold on QVC so they can keep an eye on new marketing moves by their competitors.

(Note that if you aren’t near a TV during the day you can also stream QVC live on your computer to keep up with what is being sold on-air and how.)

But for the savvy retailer, there is more to be learned from watching QVC today than just how much they are undercutting your store’s price on the die cutting system you are selling. Paying attention to what is being sold on QVC can give you marketing information that can help you move product in your own store.

QVC moves large quantities of product in short periods of time on their shows. They are undeniably mass market. Their prices are part of the appeal, no question, but they also know how to select products with the widest consumer market – and how to sell them.

QVC Can Tell You Where The Market Is

The first thing to do is to try to get a broad picture of the types of products being offered, in both design style and content. This is a great way to get your finger on the pulse of the mass-market of the industry. QVC tries to offer a little bit of something for everyone: every style, every skill level. Seeing what they are offering each of these groups in style and content at any given time is very educational as to the “base” level of the industry. The QVC website is a great way to do this, since you can look quickly at the product being offered during each show during the day.

Learn Sales From The Experts

Paying attention to the range of sales techniques used to promote a particular product on-air can give you ideas for how to demonstrate and promote it in your own store. QVC’s hosts and on-air personalities are experts at selling products.  There is a lot to be learned from them!

Piggyback on QVC’s Success

QVC introduces a lot of people to scrapbooking and papercrafting who may end up in your store looking for more products to go along with their QVC purchases. Your regular customers may also shop QVC for the bargains on high-ticket items like die-cut machines or other tools. Knowing what products are being sold on QVC – and making sure you have add-on products & accessories for them available in your store – can be a great way to make some money by “piggybacking” on QVC’s success.

Be Aware of Brand Recognition That QVC Creates

There is another reason to know what products are being marketed on QVC – being aware of products with brand recognition for your customers. Products that are being marketed on QVC will get a big push in customer brand recognition.

For instance, today on QVC a kit of Cosmo Cricket products is being sold. Cosmo Cricket is a company that many in the industry might consider a “boutique” manufacturer (despite limited availability in big-box stores). After the extended presentation of their kit today on QVC, Cosmo Cricket’s brand name will be much more recognizable – in a positive way – to many potential customers walking into your store. Knowing this will allow you to utilize this information in your marketing efforts and displays in your store.

No question it can be frustrating as a store owner to watch hours of coverage of scrapbooking products being sold cheaper than you can afford to offer them to your customers. But if you look at it as a fabulous (and free!) marketing research opportunity instead, watching a QVC papercrafting event can be very useful.

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