[Poll Results] Have you started holiday scrapbooking projects yet?

Store owners, hope you are listening…holiday scrapbooking and papercrafts projects are a popular topic…out of 26 respondents, only two said that they won’t be doing any projects at all. And the majority of poll respondents are already planning or working on a holiday project of some sort! It’s time to kick that holiday marketing into high gear!

Have you started any winter holiday scrapbooking projects yet? (26 votes)

I have begun to plan but not make holiday projects or gifts – 26.9%

I have started work on a gift item – 19.2%

I have started making my holiday cards – 11.5%

I have not yet started any projects but will in the future – 34.6%

I will not do any holiday scrapbooking projects – 7.7%

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