[Poll Results] Does your scrapbook business have a disaster plan?

Well, the poll topic of disaster planning was a bit of a disaster itself, with only three votes! Two of the three respondents said they did not have a disaster plan for their business.

Do you have a disaster plan for your scrapbook store or business? (3 votes)

No – 66.7%

Yes – 33.3%

I hope that this poll at least started many of you thinking about how you would handle your business interests in the case of some kind of emergency or disaster befalling your area that affected your business. You may never need those plans, but if you do, you will be very glad you have them.

On a related note…

Thankfully for all of our neighbors in Gulf Coast hurricane territory, Hurricane Gustav is currently coming ashore and the damage seems much less than was feared. However, there are still millions of people who had to evacuate (many of whom are being housed in shelters), and an estimated 1.9 million people currently without power. And while the Gulf coast will be just beginning to start cleaning up from Gustav in the coming days, the southeast coast is already faced with two more potential threats: Hurricane Hanna and Tropical Storm Ike.

The American Red Cross is one of the first resources that is there to help many Americans when they are displaced or left without food & water after a major storm. Please consider donating to their disaster efforts if you can.

The American Red Cross

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