[Organization] A giveaway to help you get serious about planning your scraproom makeover

room-spacing-kit-boardThe bad economy has many of us looking towards home improvement instead of new homes. The kids are back in school (here at least). If that has you thinking maybe now would be a good time to tackle a scrapbook or craft room re-decoration project, Canvas Home Basics has a tool that will make it a bit easier for you.

OK, maybe I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive when I rearrange my furniture. I like to draw a (to scale) map of the room, create little paper cutouts (also to scale) of the furniture and then rearrange the room on paper until I have it just right. Then I only have to move the furniture once, and I can experiment with many different arrangements. I’ve always used my scrapbook supplies for this before – a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock as the room map and scraps of paper for the furniture. Rudimentary but it worked, even if it did require lots of calculations to create the pieces to scale and the results were a bit, well, wonky. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve done this with my office/scraproom furniture. I move things in there all the time it seems (and those of you who’ve read here for awhile have gotten to read all about it!)

But now, I’ve discovered a product by Canvas Corp. called Room Spacing Kits that are available at Joann’s ETC stores and through Canvas Corp’s own website called These kits are going to make it so much easier to create my scale layouts – in fact, to create a whole design board for the room like an interior designer would.

The kits are available in 7 different variations for all the most commonly redecorated areas of your house (living room, bedroom, children’s room, office/studio, family living, outdoor living and dining/entertaining). The kits retail for $7.99. For doing over your scraproom, the most relevant kit is the office/studio one.

room-spacing-kit-packageThe Office/Studio Room Spacing Kit contains 2 sheets of graph paper and a ruler marked to the same scale as the graph paper (1/4″ scale). This makes drawing your room’s scale layout way easier than a plain piece of paper and ruler! (The graph paper is also available in a 25 sheet bulk package that includes the scale ruler.)

Once you’ve drawn your room to scale, you need to furnish it. The office/studio kit contains two (identical) white sheets of stickers for common pieces of office furniture. There is also a half-sheet of full-color accessories (plants, etc) to use. (Warning: If your furniture doesn’t match the common sizes that are provided, you may have to either cut down a piece to create your own piece or use a piece of paper to make that piece.)

The blank furniture stickers can be colored in using a variety of methods. I tried coloring some pieces using a brown watercolor crayon to create a honey oak appearance and the results were very nice. The stickers are re-positionable for moving around and experimenting with furniture placement. They aren’t perfectly die-cut so you may want to trim off the white edges for a more polished appearance to your room’s layout.

room-spacing-kit-exampleOnce you have your layout done, if you want to really get serious about designing your room it takes a design board. The Room Spacing Kits include a sheet of design (mat) board and two sheets of cardstock to mount your room layout and other design elements on: pictures of furniture, carpet/paint/fabric samples, etc. There is also a sheet of stickers for labeling those elements and putting a title on your board.

If you don’t know quite how to draw the room layout or create the board, the kit comes with a fold-out flyer with step-by-step instructions and examples of completed design boards.

Ok…now for the giveaway!

Canvas Home Basics has generously donated nine of these kits for Scrapbook Update’s readers to try out.  There are two ways to win one.

First, post a comment on this entry between now and 11:59pm EST Friday, Sept. 12th. to be entered in a random drawing for three of the kits.

Second, post a picture of your scrapbook area to the new Scrapbook Update Scraproom Gallery on Flickr! Six random winners will be chosen from the postings made there before 11:59pm EST Friday, Sept. 12th. And there is special incentive to enter by posting your picture in the gallery – one of the six Flickr winners will also win one of Canvas Home Basics’ Design Project Organizer Binders (worth $39.99) to store their design board and all their design inspiration and work materials in.

(If you aren’t familiar with the Flickr photo-sharing service, it is free to use and if you have a Yahoo! account you are actually already signed up for it. Visit the Scrapbook Update scraproom gallery and share your room and check out everyone else’s!)

Update: The winners of the giveaway have now been posted!

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