[Business] Stores come and they go…

The past few weeks have seen a lot of change in the availability of scrapbook products in my community. It’s exciting and bad for my budget. But I also learned about the closure of the store that was once the closest scrapbook store to my house – unusual news since my area has actually been seeing a lot of scrapbook store openings lately, not closings.

First the good news! In the past several weeks my town has gotten a new shopping center with a SuperTarget and a Michael’s in it. Previously the only place in town with any scrapbook supplies was Walmart’s sad offerings, and the nearest Target or Michael’s was 20 miles away. It is about the same distance to the nearest scrapbook store.

I was actually more anticipating the Target opening than the Michael’s. I’m rarely excited by any of the scrapbook offerings at Michael’s, but that one small aisle of products at Target always seems to suck my wallet dry. Target seems to carry the best items from some of my favorite manufacturers (Autumn Leaves, Making Memories, K & Co/Marcella by K) and a few others that I also like (EK Success, KI Memories). Whoever does their buying certainly has hit me on the head as a target market. Pun intended.

My level of interest in the new Michael’s did go up exponentially when on a return trip to the store after my initial scouting mission there I discovered that some paper racks that had previously been empty had been filled with Bazzill cardstock by the sheet! It has been 7 years since I lived this close to a source of my favorite cardstock by the sheet and that one small item (along with the adhesives I like that aren’t carried at Target) will probably ensure that I am a loyal customer of the store.

Of course these openings followed closely on the closing of my local AC Moore in Daytona Beach, 30 miles away. And then this past weekend I made another sad discovery – the scrapbook store that for a long time was my closest LSS (if you can call it close at 60 miles away) has closed.

This store, which was large and had been in business for seven years, had taken a tactic to dealing with the struggling scrapbook market that at least one other store in this area has also taken: combining a scrapbook store with a food service operation. This store added its espresso bar and ice cream shop in 2005. The other store in the area opened a short while ago as a combination scrapbook store/ice cream shop. Apparently for the first store this wasn’t enough to keep them afloat and the store is now closed. (I’d be curious to know if this is something that is being done in other areas of the country as well? If you know of other stores doing this, please let me know in the comments.)

I hope that these arrivals here in town invigorate the scrapbooking community here, which has had to rely on home parties and the internet – or long car rides – to get supplies until now. But at the same time it was discouraging to learn of the closing of a long-time store…

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