[Bookshelf] The Art of Pregnancy Photography

art-of-pregnancy-photographyOne of the things I wish I had done was take more pictures of what I really looked like when I was pregnant with my daughter, instead of just the few “standing sideways belly shots” that I took at milestones throughout my pregnancy. A lot of women feel the same way and are starting to want to celebrate and remember how their bodies look pregnant. Maternity photography is a fast-growing segment of the specialty portrait market, and is a market that deserves exploration from Scrapbook Update readers who also run photography businesses.

The Art of Pregnancy Photography by Jennifer George may be a good place to start exploring that market. This book seems to cover all the basics for portrait photographers looking to move into the maternity photography segment including specific poses and composition, and lighting and marketing techniques specific to this type of portrait. The excerpt I read does seem like it may be a little heavy-handed talking about the psychology and practical issues of working with pregnant clients, but this could be because the author is assuming that the vast majority of her readers would probably be male (and therefore have never been pregnant themselves).

If you are a freelance photographer who has been looking for a way to expand, maternity photography is a hot market. This unique book is leading the way (it’s the top seller for its keywords on Amazon) in explaining how to do it.

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