Archive | August 11, 2008

New Editor-in-Chief for PaperCrafts Magazine

Some of you may remember the job posting for an Editor-in-Chief at CK Media that I wrote about in late June. It turns out that the position was for Paper Crafts magazine. Long-time Paper Crafts editor-in-chief Stacy Croninger has moved on to another position at CK Media as Senior Events Manager of the Creating Keepsakes Conventions.

Stacy was the face of Paper Crafts magazine for over four years in the front of the magazine, at CK events in the U.S and around the world, and on QVC. She will be greatly missed by Paper Crafts‘ fans as a presence for the magazine.

Paper Crafts announced Friday that Jennifer Schaerer will be their new Editor-in-Chief. Jennifer comes to Paper Crafts with over a decade of varied experience in publishing and leadership development. Her previous affiliations have included Franklin Covey, Zenger│Folkman, Weider Publishing (Shape, Men’s Fitness, and Muscle & Fitness magazines), and Starlite magazine.

Besides her background in publishing, Jennifer is described by Paper Crafts as “a self-confessed paper fanatic who admits that there were a few years in her life in which she dictated that Christmas gifts be wrapped in a certain color scheme” and who has a passion for stationary and paper crafted home décor.  She tells Paper Crafts her most memorable project was created at age 16, a 4′ x 6′ corkboard with “funky wrapping paper sectioned off with paper frames and other layers of paper to highlight different aspects of her life.”

Best of luck to Stacy in her new position with CK Media, and congratulations to Jennifer on joining Paper Crafts.  It will be exciting to see what she can bring to the publication in the future.


Is China No Longer A Cheap Manufacturing Option?

A large portion of embellishment manufacturing – and even a lot of printing – for the scrapbook market is done in China to reduce costs. But as if the industry wasn’t taking enough economic hits lately with reduced consumer spending in the U.S., costs are going up dramatically for producing products in China. CNN Money has a great article up today explaining why the costs have gone up as much as 20% for some companies in 2008:

In China, Outsourcing Is No Longer Cheap