Need proof that scrapbooking is on the decline?


There it is…courtesy of Google Trends.

I wrote in detail in the current issue of Scrapbook Business magazine (you can read my article in the magazine by clicking on that link and viewing the magazine issue) about how to use Google Trends to get market information for your business. It can be a great tool to get detailed data on market trends as they are reflected in web searches on Google.

The chart above is a “macro” snapshot of the changing state of the scrapbook industry in the past 4 years as reflected in the number of web searches around the globe for the words “scrapbook” and “scrapbooking” and the number of news stories about those words.The bottom of the chart – news reference volume – does show steady upward trending. But it is not nearly as important as the top part of the chart: search volume.

The 2008 search volume chart is ugly. It shows this year starting at the lowest point of any of the past four years and then trending steadily downward with barely any of the usual spring leveling or summer upward trend.

And that is one ugly trend to anyone who is involved in the scrapbook business.

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