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I don’t know anyone who isn’t trying to tighten their spending up in this economy. A great way to do that if you are a scrapbooker is to dig into your supply stash and use extras and scraps to make cards instead of buying them at $2-$4 each. I’ve been trying to do more of this.

scrapbook-to-cards-coverBut there is one slight problem in making that transition: card design is surprisingly different from scrapbook layout design, and some people (like me) have difficulty making the transition between the two. Paper Crafts magazines’ Scrapbook to Cards book helps scrapbookers make that shift by showing them how to take design elements and styles that they use in layouts and adapt them for use in cards.

This book was another of my 50% off finds at the AC Moore closing sale. The cover price is $19.95 but it currently sells for $16.16 through Amazon. It has a hard cover and spiral binding. I love that many of the CK Media books have had the spiral binding lately. I don’t have to worry about breaking the binding and losing pages out of it, and it lays flat on my scrap table for easy reference while I scrap.

Scrapbook to Cards gets right to the point on the inside. It is divided simply into sections, each one devoted to transferring a different aspect of design between layouts and cards. There are sections for photos (yes, a whole section on using your photos on cards without the results being cheesy!), the basics of layout, using supplies and embellishments, and interactive elements.

Each section consists of a series of two-page spreads that contain a layout alongside cards that have been derived from it. Small paragraphs explain how the cards relate to the layout. The overall effect is very instructional and easy to understand.

As someone who has a lot of desire to create cards but has always struggled with them, I love this book! It is going to be a big help at teaching me to adapt my scrapbooking skills to card-making. The examples are beautiful and the explanations are easy to understand. Maybe now I can get my cards out on time…

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