Archive | August 5, 2008

[Poll Results] How do you feel about CHA-Summer Moving to Orlando?

This was a popular poll – plenty of Scrapbook Update readers had an opinion on this topic!

The results were split evenly – so evenly that it makes me suspect that the poll results may have been messed with.

Here were the final numbers:

How do you feel about CHA-Summer moving to Orlando (just the venue change, not the other changes)? (87 total votes)

positive – 29.9%

negative – 29.9%

mixed – 9.2%

don’t care – 31%

Somewhat predictably, there was a cluster of positive votes from the geographic area around the new venue in Orlando, and a cluster of negative votes from the area around Chicago. But there were also votes for both those answers spread out around the country geographically.

Next up will be a poll about the even more contentious issue…the addition of the consumer show days to the CHA-Summer schedule.