More Details Emerge on CHA-Summer 2009

Mike Hartnett at CLN Online is reporting more details about CHA-Summer 2009 in the July 27th  edition, based on an interview with CHA CEO Steve Berger. Here’s the high points:

  • The venue for the show is in fact the Orange County Convention Center
  • Costs will be comparable or less than the Chicago venue for exhibitors
  • CHA has a one-year contract in Orlando with an option for a second year
  • The move was made in an attempt to revive a show with seriously declining numbers, and after polling of attendees showed a preference for Orlando as an alternate location
  • Exhibitors will have the option of exhibiting for the trade show, consumer show or both.

On a key issue of concern to many – will there be retail sales mandated or allowed at the consumer event? – Berger had this to say:

While CHA can not dictate what exhibitors do, CHA envisions and recommends that manufacturers host make-it/take-it projects, and education and projects sheets that avoid competition with retailers. Savvy manufacturers will explore partnerships that best highlight their products and retail partnerships to maximize product exposure to the general public and drive consumers to local retailers.

If you are a CLN subscriber or work for one, you can read the lengthy article for more details in CLN’s Business Wise column.

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