[Photography] Photoshelter:A different kind of stock photo site

A lot of scrapbookers are also photographers. If you are looking for a market for your photographs or need to buy some (or just for some interesting photography information), you might want to consider visiting Photoshelter. Their motto is “we believe photography is an art and a profession, not a commodity.”

Photoshelter is a more bit artsy and has a bit more character than some of its staid stock service rivals. And it also has a wealth of information for photographers looking to sell their photos. Their School of Stock section on their blog includes everything from a calendar of cyclical needs in stock photography to information on how to do model and property releases for publication.

The main part of Photoshelter’s blog, called Shoot! The Blog, mainly features profiles of photographers and examinations of the use of photography in media. But other recent pieces also included topics like ones about the oldest known photograph of a tornado and 10 pieces of photo gear under $50 you should own.

Photoshelter isn’t afraid of cutting edge style and isn’t afraid to express an opinion. Currently, on their front page, they have linked to a story about Getty’s recent move to purchase photos from Flickr, titled How Getty is Killing the Stock Photo Industry.

Photoshelter’s stock sales service allows photographers to set their own prices and sell both prints and digital images. Photoshelter keeps a fee of 30% of the transaction price. Depending on the type of account selected, there may also be a $50 set-up fee to get started. Most of the information for photographers who wish to sell images is found under Photoshelter’s Personal Archive tab.

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