Archive | July 8, 2008

[Business] Hide a Coupon Code In a Video

Joann’s used a great idea a couple of weeks ago for extending a marketing campaign by using a coupon code. Their June 22nd mailing to their email list featured Die Cuts With A View products and then had a teaser for a coupon code for free shipping on orders over $25.

The catch was that the code was included in a brief video that was embedded in the email so to get the code you had to watch the video! The video was  Cuttlebug demo.

Promising customers a coupon code is a great way to get them to watch the video, especially if the video itself has some interest and value. Basic video production technology is getting very affordable and with cheap (and even free) distribution options available, including video in mailings is something that even the most low-budget marketing plan can include.

Give it a try…get your customers to watch a short video with a light sales message by promising a coupon code for their time! You might be surprised at the results!


[Business] Tips For A Successful (And Less Stressful) CHA

The time for CHA-Summer is rapidly approaching! After my last trip to CHA in Winter 2007, I wrote a post for Scrapbook Update about what I had learned about attending CHA from my trip. (It was my second trip.)

Some of the advice was serious – like advice to carry business cards with you everywhere – and some was more lighthearted, like a reminder to have cash left when you get home so can pay the pizza guy more easily when you are too exhausted to cook.

I hope it helps…and feel free to leave your favorite CHA tips in the comments!

Lessons From My Second CHA