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Bookshelf: Organization Tips for Scrapbookers

organization-tips-for-scrapbookersOrganization Tips for Scrapbookers: The Ultimate Guide for Storing Your Supplies by Denise Pauley is a book from Creating Keepsakes.It is way thicker than I expected, at 256 pages. This book packs more heft than most of its competitors!

A better title for this book would perhaps have been “1001 ideas for storing your scrapbook stuff”. The book’s pages are extremely heavy on photos and light on text. The huge color photos on every page are definite eye candy for anyone who is looking for inspiration for methods of storing their supplies (although the artsy focus effects in the photos can be somewhat annoying). If you know the nuts and bolts of the “theory” of organizing your scrapbook supplies but are looking for inspiration of visually interesting ways to do it, this book will certainly provide it. The ideas in this book aren’t just functional, they are nice to look at too.

The book does include brief discussions of the basics of organization of your supplies, describing sorting by topic, type and other methods. And it includes cameos from various Creating Keepsakes scrapbook celebs as experts to provide their favorite storage tips. But this text content definitely feels secondary to the eye candy of the photos.

If DIY is your thing, there are some quick projects for organizing such as a fabric-covered “inspiration board” and converting an address book to an envelope letter storage system.

There are some really great ideas in this book but I wouldn’t expect it to help you organize if you are starting from the ground up. Rather, it is for the scrapbooker looking for, as the title says, tips to help them with their storage. It will help you improve existing storage and iron out problems with it, or make it nicer to look at and live with. If you are needing help on just getting started organizing, I would recommend instead getting a copy of The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker. If, on the other hand, you are an experienced organizer just looking to improve your system’s usability or looks, you might find inspiration in Organization Tips.

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