Archive | June 10, 2008

Want Something New To Do With Your Camera? Try Tossing It!

If you are into abstract art or want to get a different perspective in your photos, you might want to take your camera for a toss. Seriously, there is actually an art of camera tossing. It’s an actual thing that people discuss, and share techniques and ideas for.

What is camera tossing? Camera tossing is when you throw your camera (toss it) in the air and the shutter releases while it is flying.

OK, have you stopped hyperventilating yet at the thought of throwing your camera in the air? You’re probably wondering why anyone would want to do that…

One of the most popular techniques is to create abstract art by shooting a long exposure of lights in the dark. Some pretty cool effects can be achieved. The resulting images might make great digital scrapbooking backgrounds or fill for digital elements if you have a modern style.

It looks like another technique is to throw the camera up in the air to get a “birds eye view” of a room or area from overhead – an interesting addition to the scrapbooker’s photo album. Tossing can also be used to create organic blurs and other effects in portraits and landscapes.

If I’ve piqued your curiosity about camera tossing (or you just want to see what these crazy people are doing), you can learn more about camera tossing at the following links:

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If you decide to give it a try, I’d love to see what you all come up with and how you use the pictures in a way that is scrapbook-related!