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An Affordable Alternative to CKU?

Simple Scrapbooks is teaming with a scrapbook retreat house outside of Denver to offer scrapbook retreats featuring a combination of Sweetwater House’s regular classes and Simple Scrapbooks personalities.

There will be five two-night retreats between July and October. A sixth date is to be determined due to a scheduling conflict for the personalities.

Sweetwater House is a recently renovated historic 1906 three story house. Sleeping arrangements are booked per bed in rooms that sleep between 2 and 6 people. Groups can book all the beds in a room that is available, or an individual can book a single available bed in the room of their choice.

sweetwater-tablesBecause reservations are made per bed, and the classes are part of the room package, the price is very affordable compared to the rate for a CKU. A two-night package at Sweetwater House costs $299, including five meals, snacks and drinks. By comparison, tuition for CKU (which is a day longer) is $445 including only three lunches, and that doesn’t include your hotel room at what is usually a several hundred dollar anight convention hotel.
sweetwater-bedsAnd there’s a bonus – if you book a Sweetwater House Simple Scrapbooks retreat before June 16th, you can save $50! Use discount code SIMPLE to get the savings.

$250 for a two night scrapbooking retreat with classes in a beautiful old house sounds great…I wish I was closer to Denver!


Scrapbook Update Expands Into Blog Network

The following press release will be distributed today, but I wanted my loyal Scrapbook Update readers to be the first to see the news it contains, especially since it explains some of the changes that you are seeing here on the site!

June 9th, 2008 – The owner and author of the Scrapbook Update website, Nancy Nally, announced today that she has expanded the site’s online presence into a blog network called Balalaberry Media LLC. The new media network encompasses the sites Café Autism, Hurricane Mommy, and The Nally Notes, along with the audio program True Tech Life and its home page.

“Newspapers and magazines are closing down left and right. Online media, and blog networks like this, are the future”, says Balalaberry Media owner Nancy Nally. “Instead of fighting for a piece of the shrinking freelance print market, I decided to join the online media world and create my own market.” One thing Nally specifically likes is the flexibility and responsiveness of online media. “Since most online media is paid for by advertising instead of subscriptions, the author only gets compensated if they provide what the reader wants. With the immediacy of reader feedback and the short lead time of blog publishing, it means that bloggers can quickly adjust to provide their audiences what they want. I look forward to meeting that challenge and being responsive to my readers’ needs.”

Each of the Balalaberry Media sites was conceived out of a different passion of Nally’s. Café Autism grew out of Nally’s concerns for her 5-year-old daughter Bridget, who was diagnosed with autism at age two. Hurricane Mommy, the site for busy moms, came from her feeling like demands on her time and energy were out of her control despite her best efforts at organization. Scrapbook Update shares Nally’s love of scrapbooking and delves into the business side of the hobby.

The Nally Notes records Nally’s growing passion for technology and blogging. The True Tech Life webcast, co-hosted by her husband Michael Nally, passes on to other families some of the things that the Nally family has learned about technology in trying to integrate technology into their lives.

For more information, visit Balalaberry Media’s websites at,,, and

About Balalaberry Media LLC:

Balalaberry Media LLC is a Florida-registered Limited Liability Company that provides online media content in a variety of niche areas. Nancy Nally, the company’s owner/manager, is an experienced freelance writer who has been blogging for Scrapbook Update since 2004.

So what does this news mean for Scrapbook Update’s readers? It means that I can devote more of my time and energy to blogging, so you will see more frequent content posted here, for one. And it means that I will have the opportunity to offer Scrapbook Update’s readers more in-depth content.

But one thing that won’t be changing is the integrity of Scrapbook Update. Even though there are now ads on the site, those ads (and ad-linked content) will only be for products and services that I feel comfortable recommending, the same as it has always been (with the exception of the randomly selected Google Adsense ads I have no control over the content of). It’s important to me that when you see an ad on my site, it is something that I feel I can stand behind. The places I advertise are places where I spend my money…that should be the biggest endorsement of all.

I hope that since my readers find value in this site that they will not mind me being compensated for my time in creating it. All I am asking from you is that if you are going to purchase a book or other item I recommended, or shop from a place that I recommend, that you do it through my site. It doesn’t cost you any more (and in fact, I work hard to find the best values to recommend to my readers), and I get something for my work. That seems like a win-win for everyone.

Thanks to everyone for reading Scrapbook Update. I am looking forward to all of us entering this new stage of the site together!