How would you like your cardstock, ma’am?

<cue dramatic music>In the beginning the world was flat – the cardstock world, that is. And scrapbookers lived in blissful ignorance, content with the smoothness of their paper world.

And then, one day…<crescendo> texture dawned in our world. Suddenly we had canvas, silk and a plethora of other riches of cardstock texture to choose from. We even had white core texture that revealed its white center if we caressed it with sandpaper.

But at some point, the novelty of the hedonism of texture wore off. People began to yearn for the simple, smooth days. Like the Ferrari that looks great but doesn’t work so well for driving the kids’ carpool to school, we soon discovered that textured cardstock was nice to look at but didn’t work so well with stamping, handwriting and other techniques.

Many of us began to yearn for the bliss of a smoother time, and returned to our past.

But how many of us? Has the tide turned against the texture? <fade out music>

All joking aside, that is the question I asked myself this week as I tried to decide what cardstock to order from I was low on some critical colors for the sort of pages I do (read: pinks) and couldn’t decide what texture to get. I’ve used mostly the Bazzill basic canvas for ages now, but with increasingly using stamping and handwriting the texture is an obstacle.

Ultimately I decided to purchase textured since I have a large stockpile of other colors of Bazzill textured and want it all to work together. But the smoothies were tempting.

What is everyone else doing? Are you using smooth, textured or a combination of cardstocks for your pages? Have you changed recently your usage?

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