Archive | June 5, 2008

Say Moo for Marketing?

It’s almost time for CHA-Summer, and manufacturers and designers will be looking for materials to help themselves be memorable. According to my gal Wendy over at Sparkplugging, Moo-ing is the way to stand out!

moo_minicards_smallMore specifically, for the scrapbook industry, using minicards and stickers. sounds like a great idea. is a London company that specializes in full-color custom printing. (Worried about international shipping? I was pleasantly surprised to see they are very affordable for global delivery – $6.99 for the 1st item, $3.99 each additional).

The minicards are long and skinny, the size of a standard business card cut in half lengthwise, and are double-sided.  I’ve actually been given this size before at events – they’re very trendy in the tech industry. The stickers come in books of 90 and are 22mm square. The ideas for promotional uses of these boggle the mind. Both these items can be customized completely with your own uploaded images, and they don’t have to all be the same – even 90 different ones if you want for the book of stickers.

moo_stickers2_smallThese would be great for companies to customize with their latest product designs for handing out, and the stickers could be used as part of promotions or giveaways. And after the show, Moo’s customized notecards could make great thank yous for orders or as a thank you for viewing someone’s portfolio.

In an artistic and creative field, having something different from a plain white business card is almost neccessary to set yourself apart. I can’t wait to place my order for cards to promote my websites as soon as I decide on images to use!