Archive | June 4, 2008

Available Scrapbook-related Positions

The following scrapbook- related job listings are posted on

  • Demand/Forecast Planner: Aerotek Commercial Staffing in Provo is looking for a full-time employee for “an established high end manufacturer and distributor of scrapbooking materials”. (That’s a short list of possibilities in Provo area.) The position is listed as a temporary/contract/project position and requires an MBA with with  quantitative statistics or operations concentration, 2-5 years experience in forecasting or demand planning, and MAS 200 experience. No mention of salary offered.
  • Jewelry and Accessories Product Designer: An executive recruiting company is looking for a jewelry product designer with minimum 3 year experience, Bachelor’s Degree in Visual/Graphic Arts and proficiency with CAD, MAC, Quark Xpress, Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator and Excel.They are recruiting this designer for “a well known Craft and Scrapbooking company” and the position is in Clifton, NJ. (That list is even shorter than the Provo list…) Base salary is $65-80k.

ImageSpan expands LicenseStream for photographers, others

ImageSpan announced yesterday that they are adding new features to their LicenseStream Creator service that provides a way for photographers and digital designers to license their work directly to buyers. (For those not familiar with this ImageSpan product, see my previous post about LicenseStream.)

According to the ImageSpan announcement:

Photographers, illustrators and designers can now post their digital materials to a personal online gallery showcasing their content at, making it easy for prospective customers to view their work and initiate a licensing transaction. Creators or owners can post their content to their own or other popular Web sites, including Google Base, with links to the LicenseStream Creator service embedded in them, allowing them more control over their digital assets no matter where they are published online.

Access to LicenseStream Creator is now “one-click” via plug-ins available for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Bridge CS3, so new content can be added to the professional’s licensing portfolio directly from those applications.

Perhaps most exciting is LicenseStream Creator is now available at two different subscription levels to meet the needs of all content providers:

LicenseStream Creator enables users to register, describe, license, manage their photo and video content library, publish and receive royalties. Users pay a commission fee of 10 percent in addition to the special introductory subscription fee of $39.99, which includes 2 gigabytes of secure, backed-up gallery storage space.

LicenseStream Creator Pro builds on all the benefits of LicenseStream Creator. A robust, “business-ready” solution, LicenseStream Creator Pro offers additional licensing, reporting, the ability to customize their online LicenseStream Creator gallery space, and publishing flexibility and options. LicenseStream Creator Pro users pay a commission fee of 5 percent per transaction in addition to the annual subscription fee of $99.99, which includes 10 gigabytes of secure, backed-up gallery storage space.

Additional gallery storage space is available for both service levels at bulk prices.

If you are interested in setting up your own gallery for licensing photography or digital art, more information is available at LicenseStream.