Arctic Frog: Another Small Manufacturer Closing

Another small manufacturer announced yesterday that it is closing its doors before the end of the year. Arkansas-based Arctic Frog, founded by Alannah Jurgensmeyer, issued this statement to its customers and fans:

We’re sad to be closing our doors and cleaning out the warehouse, but on a bright note for us, we’ve had a great time, learned so much about another side of the scrapbook and printing industries, met a lot of nice people and made more than a few friends.  In the end we’re left with our lessons learned, our memories and a lot of scrapbook supplies that will live on in our scrapbooks to tell our stories and carry our legacies to future

The company will be liquidating the remaining product in their warehouse until December 1st, and then will hold a public warehouse sale Dec. 1st until the 7th (or until the remaining product is gone).

Anything remaining after the public warehouse sale ends on Dec. 7th will be donated to charity. Non-local charities must pay the shipping costs for donated goods they receive. Anyone interested in receiving a donation can contact Arctic Frog after December 1st at the following email address only: to get on the waiting list. Arctic Frog will contact people requesting donations after the end of the public warehouse sale to work out donation details.

Arctic Frog’s strong graphic design style was very distinctive and unique in the industry. Scrapbookers seemed to either love the bold looks, or hate them, unsure of what to do with them. Either way, the distinctive look definitely could not be ignored.

Unfortunately sometimes being cutting edge or unique doesn’t support a business. But a certain segment of scrapbookers will remember and be inspired by the creative style of Arctic Frog for a long time to come.

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