Scrapbooking Products for Angels

The scrapbooking industry is full of choices for happy mothers to scrap their joy with. Finally there are scrapbooking supplies for grieving mothers to scrap their pain with.

The supplies come from a company called Just A Cloud Away, founded by a North Carolina mother after her experience losing two children to prenatal loss and stillbirth. Diana Gardner-Williams turned to scrapbooking to ease her loss, but discovered the lack of appropriate products for her painful situation. She decided to create her own products to fill that void, and founded Just A Cloud Away.

The kits feature designs with images of angels, clouds and heaven, and include two 12×12 sheets of paper, two sticker sheets and a sheet of die-cuts. Three different styles of kit are available: Classic Baby, Modern Baby, and Vintage Baby.

Scrapbooking can be an important therapy for dealing with the loss that those of us who are the mothers of angels feel. Just A Cloud Away has taken an important step for the industry in breaking down a barrier to acknowledging that market. Hopefully their efforts will be rewarded, and they will be a success. And hopefully they won’t be the last company to enter this market and acknowledge that life isn’t all sunshine and happiness but it is important to remember those that we have lost.

(Sample layout courtesy of Just A Cloud Away)


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