CKU-Orlando 2005 Class Review: 90 minute classes

Below are the information and reviews of the four 90 minute classes I took at CKU-Orlando:

Just the Two of Us
Professor: Becky Higgins
Sponsor: Creating Keepsakes
Project Sponsors: American Tag Co., Bazzill Basics, Chatterbox, Cropper Hopper, Fiskars, McGill, Making Memories, Rusty Pickle.
Project: 2 page 12×12 layout “It’s About Us,” with black & white pictures and his & hers questionaires for you and your significant other.

This class project was actually designed by Lisa Bearnson but was being taught by Becky Higgins at CKU-O due to a schedule swap of CKU-O and CKU-A between Becky and Lisa (presumably due to the upcoming birth of Becky’s second child). The layout is lovely and well-designed. For this event it was delivered partially assembled with a fold-out flap attached and some letters already stamped, although it appears from the instructional hand-out that may not be the case at every event. This lead to a slower paced class, a welcome break from the frenetic pace of most of the other CKU classes. While students worked, Becky toured the double-sized classroom to mingle, sign autographs and pose for photos. This arrangement was made since her family’s presence and her pregnancy had limited her ability to do meet-n-greets at other times during the weekend, and no one I spoke to seemed unhappy with the class. Although I did not entirely complete my layout in the class, I am looking forward to finishing it now that I am at home and it will definately have a home in my personal albums.

In The Mood
Professor: Julie Scattaregia
Sponsor: Creative Imaginations
Project: Mini Tag Album “You are…”

This was a gorgeous mini-album created in an extremely fast-paced class with a variety of Creative Imaginations products. Julie Scattaregia is a fantastic instructor and with her clear guidance much of the class was able to maintain the rapid pace even while trying new materials and design elements. While most of us did not complete the project in class, our class packet included a four page full-color handout detailing each page of the album so we could finish anything we needed to later on our own.

1-2-3 Ink’s That Easy!!!
Professor: Robin Beam & Tim Holtz
Sponsor: Ranger
Project Sponsors: Junkitz
Project: 1 page 12×12 layout “Moments”

In this 90 minute class we made a single 12×12 layout that contained essentially two stamping techniques: resist ink and a faux layering technique. I really feel that this would be better off as a 60 minute class based on the content. And I also was extremely disappointed, since the class was listed as being taught by “Tim Holtz and Robin Beam” and I took it based on Tim’s instructional reputation,  that the only part of the class that Tim Holtz actually conducted was the drawings for product giveaways.

Clean and Simple…Chatterbox Style
Professor: Christy Tomlinson
Sponsor: Chatterbox
Project: The Perfect Pocket Book

A last-minute instructor and project substitution meant this class wasn’t quite as clean and simple as originally planned, but it was still a very interesting and cute project that was quite different from the typical mini-book. Christy is an excellent instructor and explained a fairly complicated project assembly very clearly. And as a recent Chatterbox convert myself (as a clean and simple scrapper I didn’t quite know what to do with those those lovely shabby products), I enjoyed very much just getting to play with the product and see how it all worked together. Another project that I didn’t quite finish in class that I am looking forward to finishing at home.

Stay tuned here in the next few days for reviews of the 60 minute classes and also a list of general tips for surviving at CKU!

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