CKU-Orlando 2005: The Big Dorm Reveal….

Well, it’s been a big secret for weeks, but we can finally let it out: The dorm that Lisa, Linda, Tammy, Martina, Shannon and her mom, Jocelyn and I formed in the pub for CKU-O was called Fred’s Angels! We put on our performance for the judges tonight and now we wait until tomorrow to see if it won us any prizes.

Here are a few of the pictures from the evening. The top one is of our centerpiece: the “do not disturb – awaiting Fred’s call”  sign, the phone & speaker, the calendar of upcoming made-up calls, and our scrap stuff to work with while we wait. The center photo is me, Lisa and Tammy in our “Fred’s Angels” t-shirts. The third shows the back of my t-shirt. (We all had our own different back.)



We had a wonderful time and hope the judges liked it too!

And Fred, please remember we are just kidding!

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