A Month of CKU

CKU is coming to Orlando in 2005!! I signed up in anticipation of a fun long weekend. What I have unexpectedly ended up with is a MUCH bigger experience than that.

First I signed up for a dorm and the attendant projects that come with that – outfits, nametags, a table centerpiece, etc. My dorm friends and I gave up on communicating by email and formed a yahoo group about two weeks ago. Since then the group has hosted 500 messages and a couple dozen photos and files as we have worked together from around the country to create our projects, and we have all put hours of effort into brainstorming, designing and constructing our projects that we can’t wait to show off at the big event.

Then I found out about the CKU swaps of tags, ribbon and fibers. Thrilled with the idea, I jumped right in to those projects as well, and have been busy shopping for and cutting and bagging ribbon and fibers in one-yard lengths. I have also been designing tags and constructing dozens of copies of them to swap with other CKU attendees. I am very excited to share my creations with other scrappers and see what they have made in return!

All of those projects were on top of the one I was already planning to do: the layout contest. So I have been working steadily on a creation for that contest in the past two weeks in between all of the other projects!

I signed up for what I thought was a three-day scrapbook event. But doing it right is taking over my life for a whole month! I really hope it’s worth it…I hear from CKU alumni that it most certainly is. I really hope they are right!

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