Believe in Yourself…

I went to CK Florida last weekend in Jacksonville. Several of my friends were attending as well and I was looking forward to visiting with them, taking classes, and shopping in the vendor hall. And then there was the little matter of the page layout contests….

Last year I had been a finalist in the contest at the Convention but not won a prize. This year, I knew so many excellent designers who were attending and entering that I was not optimistic about my chances up against such stiff competition. But I felt I should give myself at least a chance, and so I came to the event armed with the requisite color copies and entered them in the Creating Keepsakes and Simple Scrapbooks contests.

As the entries went up on the wall, I became more and more pessimistic about my chances. There were so many beautiful layouts. I was just hoping that I would make the finals for the judging. Then layouts disappeared into the judging room and both of mine were actually missing from the wall display! I began to have a little hope…but not much. I knew I was up against some tough competition.

Then the time came for the announcements. As the crowd gathered around Simple Scrapbooks editor Stacy Julian, I glimpsed that in the stack of pages of the winners being held by another staff member, was not one but BOTH of my pages! I realized that I had done what I had not even dared imagine…I had won a prize in BOTH of the contests! And a moment after that, Stacy presented me with the 3rd place price in the Creating Keepsakes contest and was very flattering describing my layout about Florida Live Oak trees to the crowd. A few moments after that, Stacy presented me with the prize for the Simply Sophisticated category of the Simple Scrapbooks contest, again highly complimenting my layout as I grinned in disbelief.

So what’s the moral of this story? Have faith in yourself! Everyone but me apparently thought I could win. Perhaps it’s time I start believing it as well!

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