Waste Not, Scrap Not?

I have always been a slow scrapper. Part of the reason is fear. I sit at my desk with my photos, papers and other supplies spread out and formulate a plan. It’s all envisioned and the time has arrived to proceed with cutting, inking, painting, and adhering. And that’s when the paralysis sets in….

I stare at my work, afraid that I will mis-cut a piece of my precious paper, afraid that I will spill or smudge with ink or paint and ruin something, afraid that I will adhere rub-ons and not like the results, afraid that I will waste some of my precious supplies with a mistake. I proceed cautiously, slowly and nervously. And so barely anything gets done or used because I am so afraid of wasting any of it!

I came to this realization slowly as my style has evolved into more use of basic things like cardstock, ink and paint. Since I don’t have a scrapbook store near me, it is impossible for me to just run out and replace a piece of patterned paper or other supply that I make a mistake with. But since I usually have an ample supply of such basic items as cardstock, as long as I can convince myself that I’m not “wasting” it with a mistake, it allows me to create much more freely and much quicker! And on the less frequent occasion that I am using something that is not easily replaced, somehow the sense of ease translates some to using those materials and allows me to be more relaxed using them as well.

I finally have accepted the fact that for me at least “waste not, scrap not” is a reality and that in fact a little waste improves my scrapping. Playing with paper and paint can get a little messy. Let yourself mess up…you might be surprised at the results.

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