Networking: The Scrapbook Job Interview?

Thanks to the wonders of technology, co-workers today in the scrapbook industry can literally live and work across the country – or even the world – from each other while they collaborate on producing articles, books, product lines, or other projects. Page samples or works in progress can be reviewed by editors and design team heads from designers all around the world thanks to the wonders of scanners and the internet. Drafts of articles can be transmitted via email for review, editing and revision. Scrapbookers can work closely on large projects with other industry professionals that they have literally never met in person.

So given the far-flung geographic nature of the industry and it’s talent, traditional face-to-face “job interviews” are usually impractical before awarding design team spots, magazine assignments, and other sought-after positions in the industry. So, how is a company or editor to know that the person they are hiring for a project or position is reliable and reasonable to work with? I believe, whether designers like it or not, the answer to that concern has become networking.

Through the scrapbook industry network, designers who take as many opportunities as possible to meet socially other professionals in the scrapbook industry can establish a reputation for themselves in the way they conduct themselves. Membership in an online message board populated largely by other industry professional and attendance at as many industry events as possible are two ways to do this. The more people a designer knows, and the more people those people know, the more widespread the designer’s reputation can become. A good reputation for being pleasant and reliable to work with can go a long way to enhancing a career in what has become a very competitive field packed with quality designers.

So to get ahead in today’s scrapbook job market, don’t forget to put your best foot forward in the job interview: networking!

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