Getting in line….

I love the clean and graphic look that we are seeing more and more of in scrapbook design. I am an avid fan of the work of such graphic scrapbook artists as Cathy Zielske and Ali Edwards. My own pages have always tended towards a much cleaner look than the average scrapper. So why oh why I have wondered, have I felt like somehow I cannot quite achieve a perfect “clean and graphic” look? Something always seems just a little bit “off” about my clean pages.

And then while I was working on a page the other day, it suddenly hit me! I was trying out various arrangements to place my photos and other items on the layout and realized that for some reason I completely avoid lining elements up in rows or columns, or anything resembling a symmetrical arrangement! I have done “in line” arrangements on pages I’ve created from sketches designed by others (notably Becky Higgins) but when conceiving the design myself I don’t even consider it! Why is that?

Somewhere along the way in my scrapbook design evolution I got the idea that to create movement and flow in a layout and prevent it from looking rigid, I had to avoid lining things up in my placement of design elements. And yet these are fundamental tools of clean and graphic design – elements lined up, symmetrical layouts, and rigid lines! No wonder I couldn’t create a layout I was completely happy with when I was avoiding using some of the style’s fundamental elements.

The layout that I have been working on since I came to this realization is not done yet but I can already tell that it’s going to be the best thing I have created (in my eyes, at least) in a long time!

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